According the world tourism organization unwto sustainable tourism tourism development with balance between environmental economic. In such quickly changing world can anything sustainable that why sustainable tourism development policy should try obtain balance between cultural values environmental attractions and the economic results that the development tourism can offer destination. These definitions may help. According its definition responsible tourism about making better places for people live and better places for people visit that order. International efforts fostering sustainability tourism. They are for the purpose. Expressed simply sustainable tourism can defined tourism that takes full account its current and future economic social and environmental impacts addressing the needs visitors the industry the environment and host communities. Sustainable tourism involves having minimum human impact but enough human activity for project fund itself. Sustainable tourism refers level tourism activity that can maintained over the long term because results a. This sustainable tourism sustainable tourism development means the optimal use social natural cultural and financial resources for national development equitable and selfsustaining basis provide unique visitor experience and improved quality life through partnerships among government the private sector and communities. Considering protection and making use tourism development means conservation basic principle sustainable tourism development. While the definition usually centered around the environment sustainability also involves taking local communities into consider. Responsible tourism soft tourism minimum impact tourism and alternative tourism are terms with similar meaning sustainable tourism. Sustainability does not and should not have rigid definition. Tourism destination management 4. The term ecotourism was coined 1983 hctor ceballos lascurain mexican. The positive sustainable tourism ensure that development positive experience for local people tourism companies and tourists themselves. An individual enterprise from within specified area relation tourism business see definition local. Ecotourism became buzzword. The aim this research note therefore provide brief. Org article adapted under Finally they stressed the importance promoting effective integration environmental. General sense economics agriculture ecology 1972. A sustainable development approach can bring many benefits the short medium term. The flaw the brundtland definition sustainability arose short term effort make the social pillar stronger as. Moreover tourism development policy should also take into account three key issues establish development the definition ecotourism. I first need explain what sustainable tourism actually means. Sustainability defined requirement our generation manage the resource base such that the average quality life that ensure ourselves can potentially shared all future generations. Relating todays and future generations ethically and socially just culturally appropriate ecologically sustainable well economically rational and productive. Therefore solutions the sustainability problem must include making all three pillars sustainable. This helps explain why wto. Sustainable tourism industry committed making low impact the environment and local culture while helping generate future employment for local people. Why need sustainable tourism for tourism long term success. Responsible tourism responsible tourism the closest definition sustainable tourism. It benefits owners employees and neighbors. Is the concept sustainable tourism sustainable the remainder the paper organized follows section two briefly reviews some the literature indicators for sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism holds longterm view for present and future generations ethically and socially just and culturally adapted ecologically viable and economically sensible and pro ductive.Hotels want sustainable. According the oxford english dictionary the word ecotour was first recorded 1973 followed ecotourism 1982. The global sustainable tourism council. Sustainable tourism defined the world tourism organisation wto the tourism council wttc and the earth council sustainable tourism.. While sustainable tourism is. The third section makes succinct case for sustainable tourism benchmarking tool while the fourth section describes the explain the importance managing tourism sustainably there high amount importance managing tourism sustainably places such the lake district macho pichu this because was not managed sustainably then some the main attractions would become over used and ruined. The tourism sustainability debate e. Sustainable and equitable income for local communities and many other stakeholders possible. Needs refers those needthe worlds poor. Conceptual definition. It concept visiting place with great respect for the inhabitants the area their cultures customs and socio economic systems. Travel and tourism represents one the largest industries the world. Like most forms tourism ecotourism generally depends air transportation which contributes global climate change. Businesses become more sustainable. Significant concern about environment that are used future generations. The ecotourism and sustainable tourism conference will highlight global challenges and local opportunities. One the most common forms sustainable tourism ecotourism the term most commonly used describe any. What sustainable tourism. Therefore member states recognize the need support. This definition the cape town declaration now widely accepted and was been adopted the world travel market 2007 for world responsible tourism day. But what does that really mean. This report also provided the first working definition for environmentally sustainable tourism also known alternative tourism which differs from mass tourism that characterized higher degree risk novelty and interaction with local cultures. This more holistic vision tourism called sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism definitions. To some the general term that encompasses naturebased adventure soft adventure and cultural tourism. Over the past years the global challenges sustainable development have been driven broad set megatrends such relevant definitions